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Q: What is the appropriate tip?

waiterUnlike Europe, the "service" is usually only included in the bill if there is a large group, and this will usually be noted in the menu. In Russia is just as in any other country - around 10% of the bill. If you have a private tour guide and driver working for you, tipping is usually done at the end of your tour program. A tip around $10/person per day (i.e. $10 for the tour guide and $10 for the driver) is standard. Naturally, if you enjoyed your tour and would like to express your gratitude, the best way to do so is tipping a bit extra.

Many travellers view tipping as a difficult subject, though this need not be the case. There are no fixed amounts and it is entirely up to the individual to decide if it is even necessary. However, set out below is a rough guide: For two passengers travelling on a three to four day itinerary in Russia, $50.00 (per couple) for the guide would be considered a good tip. A smaller tip to the driver would also be in order. Waiters, doormen, porters etc. may be tipped depending upon the service.


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