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We do require you to have Travel insurance to take any of our trips. However we do not sell insurance so the policy purchase is your own choice. The Russian Consulate also requires you to have Travel Insurance to obtain a visa. No vaccinations are mandatory but you would be well advised to get informed advice on this (not every GP may be as well informed on the latest health developments in these locations). Particular concerns are Cholera, Typhoid, Hepatitis B, Tetanus and Diphtheria.

Tick-borne encephalitis is a small risk on some Siberian trekking routes -there is a vaccine available. But the risk is VERY small and our leaders observe safety procedures. We also suggest you take a First Aid kit, to include a Sterile Surgical kit.

Q: I take pills. Can I bring them to Russia?

Yes, you can. Yes, in reasonable quantities for personal consumption. But make sure that you bring them in their retail packaging. Do not store all your pills in a plastic bag to save place in your luggage. Customs officers have the right to take away any suspiciously-looking substances (including medical drugs) for chemical probe. This takes time, so have your purchase receipts handy just in case you need to explain the origin of these drugs.


Meat features strongly in the national cuisine of most of our destinations. As a team the Russia Experience employs several vegetarians and we have never starved! But for when you are off the train you must advise us prior to departure if you have any special dietary requirements. If you have anything more complicated than a lacto-vegetarian diet consider that in some of the remote places you are to travel this could be a considerable problem.


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