The Moscow Metro

The Moscow Metro is not the oldest one in the world; its stations welcomed their first passengers in 1935 only. However, the architectural style and fascinating design of many Metro stations deserved the name of the "Underground Palace". Nearly all stations are reverted with various natural stones having unique structure and beauty.

The most interesting stations often visited by foreign tourists are Kievskaya, Belorusskaya (both radial "green" line and circular "brown"), Arbatskaya.

Mayakovskaya Metro station is truly considered to be the main architectural masterpiece of the Moscow Metro. This station lies deep under the ground, it belongs to the first, the oldest line of Moscow Metro. The station was opened in 1938. The station mock-up was successfully displayed the same year at the International exhibition in New York. Two kinds of marble were used to decorate the walls and columns of the station. Rhodonite plates perfectly match the green-black diorite and the silvery steel column constructions. The vaulting of the central hall of Mayakovskaya station has 33 mosaics executed to cartoons by famous Russian artist Alexander Deineka. The theme of all mosaics is "One Day of Soviet Skies". The light character of structures emphasized by the sparkling bends of stainless steel is shaded by red and pink shades of rhodonite, a fine semi-precious stone.

There are many other beautiful Metro stations which attract tourists and visitors from all over the world.

The bronze sculptures in the hall of the Ploshchad Revolyutsii station show the way up, right to the City Center, Red Square.

Park Pobedi (dark blue line) Metro station was opened only two years ago. It has two different platforms: one of them is dedicated to the Victory over Napoleon, the other over Hitler. It boasts to be the deepest Metro station in Europe.





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