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State Historical Museum

histmusThe History Museum stands at the northern end of Red Square, right opposite to the Intercession Cathedral. It holds the biggest collection of the historical and cultural heritage of the Russian State from ancient times to our days. The museum's collections contain almost five million items and 12 million sheets of documents covering the millennium of Russian history. The museum has 30 sections with all the items systematized according to the source of material - archeology section, ceramics and glass, coins, books and manuscripts, textiles and costumes, weapons and armoury. The pride of the exhibition are the Bessarabian) trove (2,000 B. C.); the Taman sarcophagus (third century B. C.), a unique monument of antique art on the territory of the Soviet Union; the Svyatoslav Miscellany (1073), a very early Russian manuscript; the Mstislav Gospel decorated with coloured illuminations, insets and capitals; the famous birch-bark documents found during excavations in old Novgorod, Greek manuscripts, chronicles and various precious objects connected with historical figures and important events.

Open 11.00-19.00, closed on Tuesday.

Museum of the History of Moscow

This museum is one of the oldest ones in Moscow. Archeological finds, rare documents, Moscow arts and crafts, everyday-life items are on display. The museum contains a nice collection of paintings related to the history of Moscow.

Open 10.00 (11.00) - 18.00 (19.00), closed on Monday.

Museum of Contemporary History of Russia

The museum is devoted to New History. Its building is an architectural monuments of Russian classicism of the 18th century. The museum exposition has on display the evidences of the reign of the last three Russian emperors, political career of the statesmen and Party leaders: unique original documents, rare photographs, works of art, orders and medals, banners, as well as collections of personal belongings of politicians, scientists and a unique set of political posters.

Of special interest is the part of the Museum where gifts to the State leaders (Stalin, Brezhnev, Gorbatchev) are on display.

Open 10.00-18.00, closed on Monday.


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