chefsTraditional Russian dishes are certain to become a highlight of anyone's travel to Russia. However, today's Moscow features a large variety of restaurants presenting the culinary traditions of different countries of the world. Moscow restaurants attract the visitors not only by tasty food but also by unusual design as well as cozy atmosphere. The following short guide will help you choose a restaurant according to your tastes and requirements.

Please note that while reservations are usually not required except for a group, it is well advised to make a reservation in advance.

Red Square

In the very heart of Moscow, on Red Square, next to the Kremlin and St. Basil's Cathedral is another precious point of interest hidden under the vaults of the State Historical Museum - a restaurant of Russian historical cuisine called 1, Red Square. The menu features dishes prepared according to recipes found in the Museum's archives and excerpts from the menus of ceremonial dinners arranged by such high-ranking hosts as the royal family, princes Yusupov, and holders of Order of St. George. The most exciting contacts with History take place during the theme dinners prepared jointly with the Historical Museum.

Address: Red Square, 1

Tel: 925-3600, 292-1196

Open: daily from 12:00 to 24:00



This restaurant is located on Teatralnaya Square on the opposite side from the Bolshoi Theater and a stone's throw from Red Square. The building it occupies was once part of a monastery meal chambers built in the 17th century, during the rule of Boris Godunov. Its four halls are of different sizes and decor, but the Russian style is prevalent throughout a folk show and Gypsy show. Head Chef Sergey Yaroshenko has created an oasis for connoisseurs of Russian food.

Address: Teatralnaya Square, 5

Tel: 298-5609, 298-5496, 298-4481

Open: daily from 12:00 to 24:00


Kavkazskaya Plennitsa

As the name suggests (translated as "Captive Girl of the Caucasus"), this restaurant offers all kinds of Caucasian cuisine. Enjoy mountain landscapes, cozy verandas entwined with grapevines, tables under the spreading trees, and diverse and abundant viands and wines. Here you will find dishes prepared according to genuine Georgian home recipes, shashliks, chickens from the stove, appetizers with tastes, colors and flavors that defy the imagination, the best Georgian and Abkhaz wines, home-baked Georgian bread and a variety of cakes, and, needless to say, that famous Georgian hospitality. Live music every day and songs are performed at request.

Address: Prospekt Mira, 36

Tel: 280-5111, 280-5177, fax: 280-7688

Open: daily from 12:00 until the last guest leaves



Sudar restaurant is located not far from Victory Park, in a three minutes walking distance from Borodino Battle Panorama. Its cozy interior where reconstitutes the atmosphre of a noble family manor of early 19th century. "Sudar" means "gentleman" in Russian, and, surely, you will enjoy a gentle atmosphere of our restaurant. Offered are delicious specialties of traditional Russian and European cuisine. Friendly and skilful staffs of the restaurant and acceptable prices are highly appreciated by the guests. The restaurant is the right place for a nice rest: it's here where you can enjoy delicious food, dance, listen to live music and relax after a hard working day. A dinner for two costs $50 per each.

Address: Kutuzovsky Prospekt, 36A

Tel: 249-6529, 249-6965

Open: daily from 12:00 until the last guest leaves



A place for modern sheikhs, aristocrats and princesses. The menu contains Uzbek, Arab and Chinese dishes, the pearls among them being pilaf, shashlik, lagman. Every Thursday and Friday features a real gastronomic show, Lamb on the Spit: a lamb, marinated in brandy and Uzbek spices and slowly broiled over charcoal, is carried throughout the restaurant accompanied by belly dancers.

Address: Neglinnaya Street, 29

Tel: 623-0585, 924-6053, 200-3620

Open: daily from 12:00 to 24:00



The restaurant is located in the historical center of Moscow, in a cozy three-story house. Its interior in the style of a 19th century Russian country estate is built around the theme of Ivan Goncharov's famous novel "Oblomov". Specialties here are Russian and French cuisine.

Address: Pyatnitskaya st., 1st Monetchikovsky side-street, 5

Tel: 953-68-28, 953-66-20

Open: daily from 12:00 to 05:00



This Georgian restaurant offers a fine selection of more than 130 national dishes. Worth a note are hot meat dishes cooked in a traditional "kezi" clay bakeware. And, of course, a Georgian restaurant cannot be imagined without an exquisite collection of Georgian wines.

Address: Bolshaya Polyanka st., 42/2

Tel: 238-2888, 951-3232

Open: daily from 12:00 to 24:00


Chornaya Koshka

Interior and menu of this conceptual restaurant are based on the popular detective series. It lovingly reconstructs the atmosphere of post-war Moscow of late 1940s.

Address: Vorontsovskaya st., 6 bld. 1

Tel: 911-7601

Open: daily from 12:00 to 01:00

Noah's Ark

Ancient Armenian recipes - the pride of Armenian cookery -- are as much as two thousand years old. Sevan ischchan, tolma in marinated grape leaves, mutton khashlama, juicy kebabs of all kinds and over 12 varieties of shashlik are the specialties one cannot afford to miss. The restaurant excels in traditional Armenian recipes and is an acknowledged leader in dish delivery.

Address: Malyi Ivanovskii side-street, 9

Tel: 917-0717, 729-0717, 8-916-213-0717

Open: daily from 12:00 until the last guest leaves



The restaurant is decorated in swedish country style and serves european cuisine with an emphasis on scandinavian recipes. All ingredients are imported directly from Sweden providing for the highest quality of dishes.

Address: Malyi Palashevskii side-street, 7

Tel: 937-5630, 937-5631

Open: daily from 12:00 to 24:00



Tzimmes is a conceptual restaurant of genuine Jewish cuisine offering homemade dishes to time-honored recipes. Interior is styled to a prosperous Jewish village at the turn of 20th century. Tzimmes is the most famous Jewish restaurant in the city, if not the only one.

Address: Novoslobodskaya st., 3

Tel: 973-0873

Open: daily from 12:00 to 24:00



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