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Tour: Moscow for Plane spotters, 2008

Group: 23 aviation enthusiasts from Great Britain TAS (Manchester Aviation Society August 2008)

Just to say a big thank you to you and your team in Moscow, for organizing a superb tour of the Moscow airfields, which appeared to me to run faultlessly.

I thoroughly enjoyed the trip, and would not hesitate in recommending your trips to others. (Your description of some of the slowly rotting airframes as "rubbish" was for me, most appropriate)!

Your unique sense of humor, your insight into Russian history and current events, made the transfers on the coach as good as the airfield tours themselves.

Dave Koring

Fantastic, brilliant, amazing, superb, I could go on and on!!

What can I say, I have just had the most amazing time, everything went to plan (almost to the second against the literary). The trip went beyond my wildest expectations, with the levels of access to the airports/airbase unbelievable especially considering we were in Moscow. Plus I was amazed at the number of Russian built jets still flying despite reports about many of them being out of service including numerous IL-86's, TU-134's and around 5 IL-62's!!! Olga was absolutely brilliant, everything ran exactly to her timetable and she kept us all in control!! The level of organisation had to be seen to be believed, when she said the "man" would be there to meet us at a certain time he was. When she said we would go to certain parts of the airports, we did with no arguments from the authorities. If you get in touch with her again please pass on my thanks again (special thanks must also go for providing us with two gorgeous Russian "guides" for the tour of Domodedovo - it was really difficult to choose whether to watch them or the planes!!!!!)

Christopher Holt

Just a quick note to say a very big thank you for your efforts in putting together and running such a brilliant trip to Moscow this past weekend. The venues, the timings and the organization were impeccable - and with a great bunch of guys as well.

I admit to viewing the trip with a degree of concern, partly because I don't regularly travel with a group, but I felt it was so successful I would have no hesitation in future in signing up for a TAS trip.

Fantastic effort - top marks!!!!

Jim Sinclair

Tour: Moscow for Planespotters, 2006

Group: 30 aviation enthusiasts from Great Britain

...We all think Olga Bogoyavlenskaya did a superb job in difficult circumstances. All the group enjoyed the tour and several "first timers" have said that they wish to return next year!

For my part, this is the first time that my company has worked with RusAdventure and I sincerely hope it will not be the last. Olga has obviously built up a good relationship with her aviation contacts and her professionalism and "dedication to duty" can only be admired.

Andrew Marsh, Managing Director, Alpha Mike Tours Ltd.

Tour: Caucasus, Heli-skiing in February 2006

Group: Four people from Iceland, one of them Thor Bjorgolfsson, the richest person in his country

Firstly many many thanks for having organized the trip for Thor and his team.

They thoroughly enjoyed the experience of skiing in the Caucus Montains as well as everything that was included in your excellent "package".

Susy Webb

Tour: Trans Siberian Express, 2005

Group: Three people from the US, one from Slovenia

Thanks for the super job you did in organizing our trip. It was much better organized than I had anticipated.

The many places we saw and the people we meet were all fantastic. The people you hired for us did an excellent job. I will be back.

Thanks again for all the hard work.

Ed Hainrihar

Tour: Caucasus, Bezengi Prelude and Elbrus climb from the north 2005

Group: A married couple from Holland

We are very satisfied with the trip. One of the best things in the Bezengi area was that we were the only ones. Nice and quiet. The nature was overwhelming.

The good thing of Elbrus was that we managed to summit. This was of course the highlight of our trip.

I think everything was very well and professionally organized. Alex was very good in estimating our capabilities. He also discussed food and trip options with us. He was not at all an i-am-the-boss type of man. We liked him a lot. My feeling was that Alex had a good time too. At least he made a lot of photographs.

Both the porters in Bezengi (Viktor) and Elbrus (Vladimir) were a good laugh. Always in a good mood. We had a good time with them.

Also the itinerary was well created. I think it contributed to our success. In the Bezengi part we carried our own stuff ourselves, which was kind of heavy the first days. In the Elbrus part we had an extra porter, which made it easier for us.

All accommodation was wonderful. Ozone is great. I only hope they have more guests now. It was kind of quiet.

Bezengi camp accommodation was also great. Especially the hot shower.

And the tents were good quality also.

Also the material we needed to rent was good quality: crampons (Charlet Moser) and duvets (Bask).

On a scale of 1 to 10 I would give a 9 to your organization. I will highly recommend you to others.

Otto Sluiter

Tour: Caucasus, Elbrus climb, September 2005

Group: Seven climbers from Chile, some of them professional mountain guides. The trip was organized by the richest person in Chile, Andronico Luksic, doing the Seven Summits. He happened not to be able to come in September, came instead in December and made it to the top!

We had a magnificent time in Russia and a very important part of it was due to your care and proficiency. We will certainly be back to Elbrus and try to go into Central Asia. I am so happy we have your information in order to plan future trips into your wonderful and beautiful country.

Rodrigo Jordan

Tour: Kamchatka, "Along the 53 rd parallel", 2005

Group: A married couple from the UK

We are back from the East. And we had a wonderful time. Oleg and his team were very efficient, helpful and organized. The weather was wonderful in parts and terrible in others, but the scenery was spectacular. The only one small piece of feedback I have is that perhaps the description of the walks in the website and literature under-estimates the time that they will take. It always helps to be psychologically prepared for a 12 hour walk!

Anyway let me know, and thanks for all your efforts with our wonderful trip.

Emma Bell

Tour: Kamchatka, "Along the 53 rd parallel", 2005

Group: Twelve people from Finland

The trip to Kamchatka was fantastic!

You all did an outstanding job!

We miss our time with you very much!

Luckily we have a lot of happy and warm memories to carry us through the cold northern winter :)

Thank you so much for taking such a good care of us, and for letting us to become friends with you and the great Kamchatka!

Tanja Ruohonen

Tour: Altai, 23 days trek in August-September 2005

Group: Seven people from Holland, one from the UK

In the summer of 2005 I organised an extended backpacking trip to the Russian Altai Mountains on behalf of the Royal Dutch Alpine Club. All logistics and guide services for this trip where covered by RusAdventure. We were very pleased with the high standard of their service. Of course this was no surprise since the Royal Dutch Alpine Club has been working with RusAdventure for some years. The itinerary we worked out with RusAdventure was just what we expected. All small problems during the trip were dealt with in a very professional way. For example an injured participant was evacuated by horse at the first possible occasion.

I also want to give our RusAdventure guide Alexandr Averyanov special credits for the way he helped me with the paperwork to get our dog Altai on the Aeroflot flights to Barnaul and back to Moscow.

Arnoud ten Haaft, Royal Dutch Alpine Club tour leader

Tour: Caucasus, Elbrus climb and Bezengi skiing programme, May 2004

Group: Three experienced skiers from Slovenia

We are back home - satisfied, without problems, everything run smoothly. So we had a wonderful time in Caucasus. We made Elbrus, had bad luck with the weather in Bezengi so we made sight-seeing at the last days.

The Ozon hotel was a nice surprise - we didn't expect such a nice hotel...

To summarize - wonderful time spent in Caucasus, no problems with organization or anything else (except my broken ski-binding). We even didn't come home and were already making plans for the next year (Kamchatka, Baikal sea)...

Primoz Kolar

Tour: Caucasus, Ski-tour in Elbrus Area and Bezengi, April - May 2003

Group: Eight men from Slovenia, Planinsko Društvo Radovljica (Alpine Club Radovljica), experienced mountaineers and skiers

The trip was completely successful and impressions are great.

Guys are impressed by Bezenghi, not only by the Wall, but also by the Adelby - the house keeper of the Bezenghi camp and by the other involved people there.

Small accident happened - one of guys wounded his arm. He was immediately transported to Nalchik hospital and well nursed. Guys mean that there would be no help like this for example in France...

I am very impressed by Caucasus - the scenery and very kind people. It is only question of time when we come back!

Dominik Skumavec

Tour: Caucasus, Elbrus climb from the north, August 2003

Group: Ten people from South Africa, two of them boys of 12

To say that we were nervous prior to the trip, would be an understatement.

However, all the land arrangements went without a hitch. Your welcome, travel arrangements, guides and organization were of the highest caliber we have experienced anywhere in the mountaineering world, and we highly recommend your services to any mountaineers.

Thank you once again. We are very impressed with Russian hospitality!

Andre van Heerden, Erich Heymann, Kevin van Huyssteen

Tour: Kamchatka, 22 days trek in the wilds of the central part, July - August 2003

Group: Thirteen people from the UK, one of them a lady of 65

This is just a quickie to thank you very much for the Kamchatka trip which was magnificently organized.

We all are extremely grateful for the care with which we were looked after throughout - and thanks also very much for looking after us so carefully during the delayed flight problems on Sunday.

Chris Huxham

A personal note of thanks for an excellent holiday, for your patience and attention to detail on the administration and for all the work put in by your team.

Celia and David Lowe

Thank you again for all your efforts and help during our Kamchatka trip. I would be most happy to travel with you again.

Rosemary Wyss

Tour: Caucasus, Elbrus climb and Bezengi, 2003

Group: One man from Canada, an experienced mountaneer

I am back to work and still miss Russia. I would like to express my deepest thanks to you and your team at RusAdventure (in Moscow, Terskol, Bezengi) who made this trip a really wonderful experience. The staff helped me when I needed it (especially with police control!). My trip to Elbrus went well, it took me only 5 hours to climb to the top so I spent 2 days relaxing at the refuge and enjoying the view.

I have to say that the director (Ali) at the Bezengi camp is a real gentleman. He took care of me and I really appreciated what he did during my stay in the Bezengi area. I will try to get some canadian climbers to go there for training and climbing.

Gabriel Filippi


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