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KOSMOSSituated in the northern suburbs of Moscow, the enormous 25-storey Cosmos Hotel is rather dated now and its interiors, although reasonably comfortable, seem somewhat worn out. However, most rooms come with standard amenities and the service, while hardly faultless, is adequate. Dining options are numerous and varied and guests have the opportunity to sample not only traditional Russian cuisine, but the spicier flavors and Asian specialties of Georgian cooking. Although not centrally located and quite a distance from the capital's major tourist attractions, the Cosmos stands just across from the All-Russian Exhibiton Centre, an impressive complex originally designed and built to demonstrate the great economic achievements of the Soviet regime. Hardly a luxurious option, the Cosmos does however provide reasonably priced basic accommodation right next door to a metro station.

All prices in EURO Single Double Rack rates
Rack rates
Standard room
All dates excluding exhibition period
100 118 131 145
Exhibition period 155 166 175 195
Renovated room
All dates excluding exhibition period
131 147 155 170
Exhibition period 189 208 205 220

Exhibition period - 19.03-22.03, 7.09-13.09, 16.09-21.09, 23.09-28.09, 03.10-07.10


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